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Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea

Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea

With our gaze lifted and our feet grounded, Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea is poised at the intersection of earth and sky. A reflection of the tranquility, peace, and stillness of the skies in tune with the grounding energy of Maui, Kilolani creates the space for healing, rejuvenation, and restoration within an enchanting setting that blurs the boundaries between the built environment and the natural world.

Following the rhythm of nature, the lunar circle, and celestial sky, we gather valuable knowledge and insight to guide each guest and set them on the path to ultimate wellbeing.

E mōhalu mai to Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea.

Woman receiving a calming head massage

The Kilolani Spa Experience

Kilolani Spa is a fully reimagined wellness destination at Grand Wailea that merges timeless Hawaiian principles and practices with advanced wellness techniques and technologies. The spa's varied indoor and outdoor spaces provide a range of communal and private settings for Kilolani’s signature wellness experiences and rituals for individual guests, couples, and groups.

Spa Services

Hydrotherapy Gardens | 2-Hour Day Pass | $125*

Immerse yourself and rejuvenate in our open-air Hydrotherapy Gardens. This al fresco bathhouse experience creates a high-impact purification and contrast hydrothermal bathing circuit with diverse heating, cooling and hydrotherapy features that stimulate the circulatory system and stabilize the nervous system to invigorate the body, strengthen the immune system, and activate the body’s self-healing power.

Features include:

Hammam - Kilolani reframes this timeless multicultural wellness ritual with an unmistakable Hawaiian twist.

Saltwater Vitality Pool - A soothing flotation experience that gives the sensation of floating weightlessly between earth and sky.

Additional Features:

  • Wet Lounge
  • Cold Plunge
  • Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Waterfall Showers
  • Experience Showers
  • Scrub Stations

 *Prices subject to change

Hydrotherapy Gardens | Complimentary With Booked Spa Service

Enhance your spa treatment or service.  Each booked spa service includes complimentary access to the Hydrotherapy Gardens, where you can relax, reflect, and soak away stress; leaving you in a blissful state of mind before your treatment. It is recommended that you arrive one hour prior to your treatment or service to enjoy the maximum benefits of the Hydrotherapy Gardens.

Helu Pō Ritual | 120 Minutes | $489 +

In harmony with the cyclical rhythms of the world, our helu pō experience draws inspiration from the Hawaiian moon calendar to honor the interconnected relationship between the celestial and spiritual domains, the natural environment, and the human experience. Each helu pō experience is aligned to a specific anahulu (10-day period) of the lunar cycle, highlighting native botanical remedies, intuitive bodywork, and mindfulness practice for holistic healing.  

ʻAwa Relaxation Ritual | 120 Minutes | $465 +

Native ingredients used traditionally in local herbal medicine connect you to the healing energy of the ‘aina (land). Ground ‘awa root and Maui lavender, known to ease insomnia and anxiety, is polished over the body with coconut oil and warm lava stones. Rich volcanic clay and an herbal infused wrap detoxify and balance the system. A soothing massage with local botanical balm creates a state of deep relaxation.

Ho'omālie Ritual | 120 Minutes | $465 +

A uniquely Hawaiian form of bodywork, this integrated ritual incorporates rhythmic lomilomi techniques to encourage deep relaxation and release tension with an infusion of cocoa butter and native botanical essences to leave skin soft and nourished. A warm pōhaku stone foot treatment and hydrating coconut scalp massage provides head-to-toe rejuvenation.


Kilolani Signature Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $259 +

In harmony with cyclical rhythms of the natural world, the Kilolani Signature Massage draws inspiration from the Hawaiian moon calendar. Native botanical remedies and intuitive bodywork combine to create an intentional experience to optimize wellbeing.

Lomilomi Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $249 +

A Hawaiian healing art form, lomilomi has been passed down throughout the generations. Inspired by the cleansing waves of the ocean, long and flowing movements promote deep relaxation for the mind and body.

Lomi Pōhaku Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $259 +

Heated lava and Himalayan salt stones are paired with traditional lomilomi techniques and healing botanical oil blends to melt away muscle tension, restore energy flow and promote vitality.

‘Awa Deep Tissue Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $259 +

Recover and repair from active pursuits or heavy training with this prescriptive deep tissue treatment that harnesses the healing power of ‘Awa (Kava) to promote circulation, release tension, and balance the mind-body connection.

Jet Lag Recovery Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $249 +

​​​​​Recalibrate the body's natural circadian rhythm and recenter after a long journey. A heated quartz sand table envelops and grounds the body. Specialized oil blends and concentrates, formulated to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, alleviate muscle tension and promote healing. ​

Hapai (Pregnancy) Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $249 +

Tailored to the second and third trimesters, our specially developed massage uses warmed kukui nut body butter to moisturize and restore your skin, improving the appearance of stretch marks while alleviating physical discomfort. Throughout the session, you will be supported with carefully placed contour cushions, to ensure you and your baby are safe and comfortable.

Massage Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to your treatment during the booking process. 

Dry Brushing | $25

Dry brushing is a timeless remedy to stimulate healthy lymphatic drainage while clearing away dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow to naturally firm your skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and ease muscular tension.

Foot Treatment | $25

After a day of active adventure, treat your lower extremities to soothing relief with an anti-inflammatory lemongrass and ginger-infused balm that is massaged into your feet and lower legs, then wrapped with hot towels to absorb the healing properties and improve circulation. 

Percussion Therapy | $35

Supercharge your massage treatment with percussive therapy by Therabody, a smart device that functions as an extension of your therapist to loosen deeper layers of muscle tissue, along with vibrational energy to improve circulation.

Chromatherapy Quartz Healing | $65

Experience this unique dual-action treatment table, combining the cushioned warmth of quartz sand and, heated water pillows, and chromatherapy that envelop the body in weightlessness to transport you to another dimension of relaxation.

CBD | $45

CBD functions like fuel for the body's internal "mainframe" (endocannabinoid system), responsible for maintaining optimal internal balance while relieving pain, improving skin health, and optimizing the mind-body connection.

Knesko Collagen Mask | $65

Multi-task your massage with your choice of Knesko’s collection of renowned collagen face masks infused with vital nutrients to repair, nourish, and hydrate your complexion to perfection.

Muscle Relief | $25

Restore, soothe, and release tension with a Comfrey Salve Body Balm and Comfrey-Noni Serum combination. Both products are infused with healing Hawaiian herbs grown and harvested locally in the state of Hawaii by Kauai Farmacy.

Harmonic Meditation | 25 Minutes | $65

Enhance your session with Harmonic Meditation Therapy aligned with the moon phases for extended relaxation benefits.

Body Treatments

Honey Macadamia Wrap | 90 Minutes | $369 +

This antioxidant-rich full body renewal begins with a bee propolis body mask to fortify, nourish, and soften the skin, followed by a Maui made whipped honey and macadamia nut oil massage to ease tension. A grounding scalp and foot treatment closes this healing experience.

Kilolani Signature Body Glow | 60 | 90 Minutes | $259 +

Revitalize the skin with this invigorating treatment designed to stimulate cell rejuvenation and promote radiance through a customized blend of local minerals, healing oils, and an intuitive massage inspired by the moon phases.

Noni and Ti Leaf Wrap | 60 Minutes | $249 +

Our expert therapists draw from centuries of wisdom to provide you with the benefits of this traditional pain-relieving therapy featuring the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of noni and ti leaves that are mainstays of la‘au lapa‘au, or Hawaiian herbal medicine. Your skin is hydrated with nourishing kukui-infused body butter, then warmed noni leaves are applied to specific areas of pain, tension, or injury, providing holistic healing that awakens the senses.

After-Sun Treatment | 60 Minutes | $249 +

Repair stressed skin with this soothing body wrap designed to heal and hydrate after overexposure to the sun. A blend of nourishing essential oils and locally crafted ingredients will speed recovery with their hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. A restorative face and scalp massage eases tension while your skin absorbs the pure hydration.

Couples Therapies

Couples Massage | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $530 + for two

Choose from our selection of curated massages to enjoy with your significant other, choosing the modality and timeframe that speaks to your individual needs.

To book a Couples Massage tailored to your choice, please call 855.531.0691 (ext.4949)

Couples Plant Medicine Ritual | 120 Minutes | $950 + for two

Connect and release tension in a ceremonial herbal couple's bath infused with healing botanicals from the ‘aina (land). Locally crafted botanicals and essences calm stressors, while a full body massage and face mask infused with ‘awa hydrate and revitalize the skin.  

Couples Restore Ritual | 120 Minutes | $990 + for two

Replenish the soul by soaking away tension in a personalized herbal bath infused with nourishing botanicals. A healing body wrap using noni and ti leaves, a holistic application used for centuries, soothes, repairs, and restores the skin. A warm coconut oil scalp treatment and full body lomilomi promotes deep relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Enhancements

Mohala Body Exfoliation | 45 Minutes | $199 +

Just as the moon shines forth and brings clarity, rejuvenate your skin with your choice of a sugar or pa‘akai (salt), blended with Kilolani Spa Signature Oil specifically chosen to align with the anahulu (10-day period). These natural exfoliants clear away dead skin, invigorate healthy cells, and increase blood flow, to revitalize from head to toe.  After a vigorous rinse, a nourishing layer of Kilolani Spa Signature oil both primes and protects your silky new skin. 

Maluhia Body Wrap | 45 Minutes | $199

Enhance the appearance and health of your skin.  Enjoy a luxurious body mask infused with local botanicals and minerals.  You will be wrapped in a cocoon allowing the healing benefits to further penetrate the skin, while enjoying a foot massage using Kilolani Spa Signature oil blends specifically chosen to align with the anahulu (10-day period).  A tranquil and peaceful state will be reached such as the moon in the night’s sky.

Halotherapy Infrared Sauna Session | 45 Minutes | $89 +

Detox and reboot in our private tech saunas, combining gentle warmth and medical-grade salt inhalation to enhance respiratory health, improve circulation, boost metabolism, ease muscle pain, and improve skin function.

Harmonic Meditation | 30 Minutes | $65 +

Allow your mind, body, and spirit to drift into deep rest and recovery mode utilizing Vibro-Acoustic sound wave therapy, which aids in achieving unprecedented levels of relaxation ​​while entering a meditative state of bliss. 


Powerful holistic therapies to deepen connections,
release negative restrictions, and restore vital energy.

Unwind the Soul Healing & Astrology Reading | 180 Minutes | $475 +

This powerful session combines insights from your natal chart with progression and transit readings to help guide and optimize your soul clearing and while tapping into your higher consciousness.

Sound Healing | 90 Minutes | $315 +

Explore your world within under the guidance of sound therapy practitioners, who use the alchemy of sound to bring you into a deep meditative state. Each session is personalized to your individual needs and goals, with sounds and music created to match the vibration of your unique intention, bringing new awareness, peace of mind, and balance of chakras.

Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart Reading | 90 Minutes | $315 +

Astrological readings provide clarity and insights for personal growth and consciousness. Through an Evolutionary Astrology lens, you will gain deep awareness of your metaphysical journey -
where you've been and what you are here to learn and discover in this lifetime.

Unwind the Soul Healing | 90 Minutes | $315 +

The unique healing session begins with an assessment to determine what needs are to be surrendered or released. This interactive consultation often includes the power of spoken word or prayer, activation, and recalibration; a form of spiritual exploration that is ideal for those seeking relief from physical or emotional pain, or higher guidance.

Luminous Breathwork | 90 Minutes | $315 +

Luminous Breathwork is a journey deep into oneself, to recognize and release negative mental
dialogues and emotional baggage that inhibit vital living. Guided breathwork surpasses the
overactive mind and ego, opening the space to allow access to your own innate wisdom, free of fear and judgement.


Haute Tailored Signature Facial | 90 Minutes | 120 minutes | $395 +

A truly personalized experience beginning with an in-depth skin diagnostic to outline an individualized program. Undiluted antioxidants, biotech molecules and restorative botanical extracts are personalized to restore luminosity, repair, and sculpt the face and the neck & décolleté. Includes a signature double mask process with a real pearl treatment mask and revitalizing facial massage for an immediate lifting effect.

120-minute treatment include microcurrent lifting treatment and LED light therapy.
*Optional personalized serum concentrate available.

Elemental Balancing Facial | 60 | 90 | $295 +

Small batch, cold processed potent actives combine the ancient knowledge of plant medicine, botanical infusions and marine extracts within advanced scientific innovations that deliver exceptional results. Designed to support the five elements of balanced skin, each treatment is thoughtfully tailored to individual needs.

Holistic Hawaiian Beauty Facial | 60 | 90 | 120 Minutes | $249 +

This custom skincare session features vibrant, aromatic skincare potions sourced from the purest Hawaiian botanicals that are formulated into potent natural skincare remedies, revealing a radiant and renewed complexion. 

HydraFacial | 60 | 90 | $295 +

Cutting-edge aesthetic technology penetrates the dermal layers of the skin to restore radiance via a powerful three-phase layering of lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, and serum. This HydraFacial is paired with advanced, personalized skincare to provide immediate and unparalleled results. Includes PRO LED Light Therapy.

Tropical Superfood Facial | 60 | 90 Minutes | $249 +

Travel to a tropical shore without ever leaving the spa. With deliciously fresh scents and innovative technology, this vibrant treatment feels like a dreamy vacation. Smoothing formulas, including the Tropical Superfood Collection, brighten and soften the skin. Juicy yuzu, pineapple and Kakadu plum unite with bromelain and PHA to reveal soft, even and radiant skin.

Marine Flower Peptide Facial | 60 | 90 Minutes | $249 +

Dive deep into ageless results with the magic of marine flowers. This revitalizing treatment combines sustainably sourced algae extracts with potent botanical peptides and other organic ingredients to support collagen production and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more rejuvenated, lifted, firmer looking skin.

Skincare Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to your treatment during the booking process. 

Knesko Collagen Face Mask | $65

Multi-task your facial with your choice of Knesko’s collection of renown collagen face masks infused with vital nutrients to repair, nourish and hydrate your complexion to perfection.

Knesko Collagen Neck and Decollete Mask | $65

Multi-task your facial with your choice of Knesko’s collection of renown collagen face masks infused with vital nutrients to repair, nourish and hydrate your complexion to perfection.

LED Light Therapy | $25

A non-invasive skin treatment used to stimulate cellular growth, reduce fine lines, and improve skin tone.

Myolift Microcurrent Treatment | $45

Stimulate collagen and elastin production using microcurrent to provide immediate facial lifting and toning.

Nail Care

Dazzle Dry Manicure | 45 Minutes | $75

Dazzle Dry is a revolutionary, non-toxic lacquer system that dries worry-free in 5 minutes, lasts 7+ days, and promotes healthy nails. Includes a traditional manicure.  

Dazzle Dry Pedicure | 60 Minutes | $105

Dazzle Dry is a revolutionary, non-toxic lacquer system that dries worry-free in 5 minutes, lasts 7+ days, and promotes healthy nails. Includes a soothing foot soak, scrub, traditional pedicure and massage.

Kilolani Signature Manicure | 60 Minutes | $95

A customized blend of native botanicals, minerals, and healing oils inspired by the moon phases stimulate cell rejuvenation and soften the skin. Includes a traditional manicure with choice of Dazzle Dry polish.

Kilolani Signature Pedicure | 75 Minutes | $125

A customized blend of native botanicals and minerals inspired by the moon phases stimulate cell rejuvenation and soften the skin. Awa, revered for its calming properties, combines with rich volcanic clay to soothe tired soles. Locally crafted healing oil is massaged into the skin with warm stones to reduce tension and provide hydration. Includes a traditional pedicure with choice of Dazzle Dry polish.

Keiki Manicure (6-10 yrs old) | 30 Minutes | $40

A full manicure tailored for keiki (children) using a choice of passionfruit or chocolate coconut scented products.

Keiki Pedicure (6-10 yrs old) | 40 Minutes | $50

A full pedicure tailored for keiki (children) using a choice of passionfruit or chocolate coconut scented products.

Nail Care Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to your treatment during the booking process. 

Gel Polish | $25

A cured polish system with a glossy, long-lasting finish.

CBD | $30

CBD functions like fuel for the body’s internal ‘mainframe’ (endocannabinoid system), responsible for maintaining optimal internal balance while relieving pain, improving skin health and optimizing the mind-body connection.

Knesko Collagen Hand Treatment | $65

A luxurious hand mask to renew and hydrate. 

Paraffin Treatment | $45

A warm, soothing treatment to heal and moisturize your skin while increasing circulation to your hands and/or feet.

Hair Care


Women's Blowout | $115 +
Women’s Cut | $159 +
Men's Cut | $75
Event Styling | $115 +
Updo | $125 +
Makeup | $149 + 
Bridal Styling | $125 +
Bridal Makeup | $149 +

To book a Hair Care appointment at Kilolani Spa, call (855) 531-0691 or text 855.237.0179.

Bridal Packages

Kilolani features an exclusive celebration suite designed for brides and small groups. A private styling and make-up station, changing area, and selection of refreshments prepare brides for their special day in a more intimate environment.

Spa Etiquette And Information

Arrival Time for Massage, Body, and Facial Experiences

We invite you to enjoy the amenities at our Hydrotherapy Gardens one hour prior to your treatment start time. Access to the Hydrotherapy Gardens is included as part of your massage, body, or facial treatment.

To ensure that you are able to enjoy both the Hydrotherapy Gardens and your planned massage, body, or facial treatment in a seamless manner, we recommend that you also book a time slot in advance for our Hydrotherapy Gardens Circuit starting at least one hour prior to your planned treatment experience.



A robe, slippers, and a locker will be provided so feel free to come as you are. Please note that a bathing suit is required in hydrothermal and relaxation spaces.


Changes and Cancellations

24-hour notice to change or cancel appointments is required to avoid the full charge.


Service Charge and Additional Gratuity

A 20% service charge will be included on your spa bill. An additional gratuity may be added at your discretion.

Prices and services are subject to change.