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Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea

For it’s written in the stars. Inspired by the Kilolani, to help you seek balance within.

Honoring the Kilolani, the stargazers of ancient Hawaiʻi who looked to the skies to navigate their course, the Kilolani Spa experience reflects the tranquility, peace, and stillness of the sky in tune with the natural currents of the world.  We invite you to tap into the timeless wisdom of Hawaiian culture, the grounding energy of nature, and the expansiveness of the celestial realm to chart your own course towards wellbeing.


Kilolani Spa Hammam


Helu Pō

Drawing inspiration from the kaulana mahina - the Hawaiian moon calendar - which divides each month into three helu pō or moon phases, Kilolani Spa creates the space for healing, rejuvenation, and restoration. 


Anahulu Hoʻonui


Self discovery, manifestation

New beginnings and intention setting

Moon Full

Anahulu Poepoe


Clarity, illumination, wholeness

Fortifying the body while priming the mind-body connection


Anahulu Hoʻēmi


Surrender, reflect, transform, rest

Taking stock through rest, recovery, and spiritual awakening

The spa’s programming continuously evolves in tandem with the current anahulu (a 10-day period) and features hand-selected native botanicals, holistic bodywork treatments, and mindfulness practices enhanced by modern wellness innovations.

Reflections Lounge
Travel rejuvenation awaits

Hydrotherapy Gardens Pass

We invite you to revive body and mind in our open-air Hydrotherapy Gardens for a 2-hour pass. Soak and steam away your jet lag, invigorate your body in our contrast bathing circuit, and destress in our Hawaiian-inspired Hammam. 

Kilolani Hydrothermal Gardens

The Kilolani Journey

Kilolani Spa's indoor and outdoor spaces are layered with touchstones to Hawaiian culture that showcase an array of diverse wellness experiences with a decidedly local sensibility. The spa’s various lounges and treatment spaces, as well as its full-service Salon and Movement Studio, provide a range of social and private settings for individuals, couples, and groups - inviting each guest to find their own pathway to renewal, replenishment, and self-discovery.

Woman Doing Yoga on Sunset
Incense Nurning
Palm Tree and Clouds


From beach yoga to traditional Hawaiian cleansing ceremonies, the robust menu of movement and wellness activities invite you to connect with the natural beauty, soul, and spirit of Maui.