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Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea
Shot of trees and the sky

Guided by the moon; rooted in our culture.

Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea is a new luxury spa and wellness destination that blends therapies and practices rooted in traditional Hawaiian culture with timeless practices and cutting-edge wellness modalities. The spa’s unique concept was developed by Grand Wailea’s in-house cultural and wellness team under the creative leadership of the renowned spa consultancy TLEE Spas + Wellness.


Space Stars

The Hawaiian moon calendar reflects the spa’s key source of inspiration, which guided many aspects of daily life in ancient Hawaiʻi and continues to exert its timeless influence today. Kilolani Spa highlights the 3 distinct anahulu (10 day periods) of the moon to inspire its dynamic portfolio of signature service offerings that follow this natural cycle: a synthesis of holistic bodywork, native remedies and mindful wisdom that are aligned with the practices and principles inherent to each moon phase to guide each guest into a vital state of being in harmony with the underlying rhythms of the natural world and the celestial realm.

Kaulana Mahina

In sync with the natural rhythms of life on land and sea, the moon reflects the interconnected relationship between the spiritual domain, the natural environment, and the human experience. While ancient Hawaiians traditionally used the moon calendar to guide activities relating to agriculture and navigation, today we apply it more broadly to guide our actions and intentions to foster awareness that leads to a more vital and vibrant lifestyle.


Healing Arts Traditions

Kilolani Hydrothermal Gardens
Water of Life Wai Ola

Surrounded by the largest ocean on Earth that framed all aspects of their existence, Hawaiian culture sees water as synonymous with life. Traditional community healers prescribed steam treatments and immersion in fresh and seawater to cleanse and nourish – at Kilolani we celebrate the therapeutic properties of water to revitalize mind, body and spirit.

Close up shot of a plant
Plant Medicine Lāʻau Lapa‘au

The healing power of plants is deeply enshrined in traditional Hawaiian culture to cultivate natural remedies from the islands abundant biodiversity. Kilolani’s wellness experts harvest this timeless knowledge and embrace the revival of plant medicine (lāʻau lapaʻau) to develop holistic cures that deliver powerful therapeutic benefits.

Sound Healing
Sound Healing Hoʻōla Kani

Hawaiʻi has a rich history of chanting and music to share their culture and heritage and frame their unique perspective, influencing a strong community of local practitioners to utilize sound healing as a potent form of energy medicine. At Kilolani, our wellness community harness the power of sound and music through immersive soundscapes and curated playlists to elicit emotions, affect positive change and heighten the guest experience.

About Us

From conceiving and designing Kilolani’s built environment to developing the spa’s pioneering treatment portfolio and curating the guest experience, we have undertaken every step alongside respected local cultural advisors and leading wellness experts to create an authentic, unique, and immersive experiences steeped in the soul, spirit and legacy of this iconic property and its enchanting setting.


TLEE Spas + Wellness

Following TLEE Spas’ unwavering commitment and proven track record of creating adaptive and enduring wellness experiences that are rooted and reflective of local context and culture, Kilolani Spa’s varied environments have been envisioned by their team to showcase the underlying essence and lure of Maui with an open-air design that places nature front and center through the seamless connection of indoor, outdoor and blended spaces with abundant communal, mixed-gender zones to foster an inclusive and social dimension to this leading wellness destination.

Hammam Scrum Room

Tihany Design

TLEE Spas’ vision has been brought to vivid life by Tihany Design, a renowned design atelier with a focus in luxury hospitality. Using concept as their foundation and inspiration, Tihany has designed Kilolani Spa to reflect a rich and robust sense of place by crafting interiors that reflect an enchanting synchronicity with the ethos and underlying attributes of Maui and a deep reverence for the natural world.